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About us
History of Traugott Baumann KG:

Starting up:

In 1959 Traugott Baumann founds the Traugott Baumann KG with some twisting machines from the textile company of his uncle.

In 1963 the ITMA in Hannover, the biggest fair for textile machines in the world in those days, becomes a turning point for the young company as well as for the whole industry. The machine producer Lezzeni from Como/Italy presents the newly developed “Lezzeni Twisting System”. The point of this method is the higher efficiency of the machines. Now they can carry out two processes at the same time and deliver a much better quality as well. Traugott Baumann realizes the potential of this invention and buys the first machines as early as 1964.

The big German embroidery and sewing thread producers also see the advantage of this method. During the following years they line up at the thread pioneers’ in Winterlingen. They come to have a look at the new method and to place there orders.

Building up:

From 1966 to 1993 the Traugott Baumann KG grows continuously. Yarns for embroidery and sewing remain the major products. But embroidery machines get faster and faster and this massively raises the demands on the embroidery yarn.
Producers of chemical fibres alone can not keep the pace with this development. Because of this the leading producer of embroidery yarns Madeira from Freiburg/Germany and Traugott Baumann KG take initiative: The Traugott Baumann KG gets into POY draw winding and together with Madeira they develop a new line of embroidery yarn - Polyneon. Quickly the new product becomes the market leader and sets a new standard of quality.

In 1997 Traugott Baumann KG takes on air texturing for the production of fine sewing threads.
Shortly after that the buildings of the company must be extended, because of the increasing production and the growing number of machines. The new building –plant 3 – is completed in 1998 at Grenzstrasse in Winterlingen.

Now business with POY draw winding is extended. Traugott Baumann KG offers flat yarn specialities and high tenacity polyester drawn from POY.


In 2004 the Traugott Baumann KG steps into the business of selvedge yarns. The firm broadens the base of its trading business and takes over the assets of Rewatex AG, its client of many years.
Carmen Schneider und Frank Baumann launch the Rewatex OHG und offer selvedge yarns from Winterlingen since then.
In the last couple of years the family enterprise has laid focus on the development and production of technical yarns/threads.

Traugott Baumann KG – competent, reliable and open for new ideas!




rewatex - Selvedge Yarn / Leno Thread

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